Next-Gen Solutions

What makes us unique
We continuously innovate and connect creative ideas to cultural trends, proven effective by data and analytics.


Our exclusive influencer marketing offering is the first of its kind, taking an audience-led approach to influencer sourcing. Using Omni, our proprietary data and analytics tool, we identify clusters of people and then recommend the right voices to influence them. And we offer proof that it works. Who else does that?

MMC Ready2Go

Need something fast? We’re on it.

Our project-based, strategic consultancy helps clients solve a variety of business challenges with speed, agility and efficiency. No long-term commitment necessary to enlist a SWAT team custom-designed for your specific needs.


Relevance is critical for brands today. And we know how to tap into the popular zeitgeist. Our dedicated team of cultural-obsessives and trend-sensors uncovers and creates connections that inherently generate more attention, more affection and more action with your target audience. If your brand needs more awesomeness, let’s talk.

Makers' Studio

If you’re looking to create content that quickly slays the interwebs and also moves your business, we’re here for you. We create the thumb-stopping, nimble content that drops jaws and drives engagement. And we do it uniquely. We assign dedicated content pods to your business consisting of a content strategist, community manager and an art director.


In today’s world, mobilizing HCPs who have peer-to-peer credibility and influence online is as critical as collaborating with traditional KOLs. The best KOL communication strategies start with a deep understanding of the influential voices at relevant congresses and in medical journals/trade publications. And then find ways to connect with their peers on social media. Using proprietary tools and methodology, we identify and mobilize HCPs who have credibility and influence online.

Data & Analytics

Our Performance Analytics group blends behavioral, cultural, digital, media and purchase data using advanced mining and modeling. We segment and size audiences as a part of campaign planning, forecast the impact of our activations and prove the results of our work on client brands and business. The combination of data scientists plus data sets gives us the ability to build precision targeted next-gen communications strategies.


As a female-founded company, MMC is committed to advancing women in leadership. It’s in our DNA and we feel driven to take action. After extensive research and psychological analysis, our experts recognized the role of empathy and how this one quality can truly impact the advancement of female leaders. We’ve created a customized capability rooted in empathy to accelerate the path to leadership for women. A proprietary tool assesses individual employees’ "Empathy Indexx"; then, we create an actionable plan to propel women forward in their careers.