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Saveira Singh
Executive Director, Digital Innovation and Storytelling

Saveira is a truly integrated advertising and marketing strategist with over 18 years of industry experience. She has led, managed, and supervised billion-dollar national and global brands such as P&G Oral-B and Crest, L'Oreal, Verizon Wireless, Hershey's, GSK Nicorette/NicoDerm, Tums, Kohl's Department Stores and Xbox.

She looks at the most insightful data points - and consults with her gut - to help craft the most compelling insights and stories to lead to breakthrough ideas and consumer engagement. Her entrepreneurial nature, collaborative spirit and eagerness to learn have been driving forces throughout Saveira's career.

She's originally from Montreal but has officially spent half her life in NYC at this point. Outside of work, Saveira spends most of her time hanging with her bestie Dev, her three year old son. Cooking up different cuisines, rage-cleaning at midnight and working out (body-building, boxing, yoga) are other things that take up whatever time is leftover.

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