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Torre Gentile
Managing Director, Digital Influence & Innovation

Torre Gentile is well-respected digital communication professional with noted expertise in consulting, strategy, and experience architecture for consumer, corporate, and healthcare clients. His veteran presence offers decisive cross-functional leadership and an integrative understanding of both traditional and digital strategies, making him a critical asset towards advanced organizational growth for globally recognized companies.

Torre advocates for true innovation in the user experience and builds his teams to adopt compatible viewpoints. He has provided engagement and value across e-commerce, social media, and emerging digital formats for top-tier CPG and consumer-focused brands including Procter & Gamble, Nestle, General Mills, and Kimberly-Clark. He applied this same innovation in the user experience mindset to his healthcare, biotech, and pharmaceutical work for brands such as Abbott, Walgreens, Janssen, GSK, and Bristol Myers Squibb.

Torre deeply understands the C-level mindset and has successfully cultivated strategic partnerships with various global organizations including Amazon, Meta, TikTok, Reddit and Google during his agency career. As a former experience design executive, he oversaw all digital aspects of a cross-category Procter & Gamble (household, beauty, hair care, health) account with a focus on customer research and shopper marketing communications. Additionally, Torre has worked with a broad spectrum of influencers from niche sustainability experts to entertainers and athletes to healthcare providers and patients. One of his favorite projects was designing the concept and orchestrating the execution of an influencer campaign featuring Betty White and leveraging Golden Girls' nostalgia for the Fiber One cheesecake bar launch.

As the digital experience continues to encompass a rapidly growing number of platforms and devices, those possessing Torre’s passion for the industry and knowledge of key market developments and trends evolve as the real leaders of cutting-edge and best-in-class digital solutions. Torre believes in the power of the people behind the technology, in the value of communicating and forming relationships across an organization and its partners, and in bringing all levels of an organization into the digital transformation conversation to achieve maximum impact.

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