Our Work

Awards are only valuable if the work makes brands culturally relevant. We have won over 500 – including these – that do exactly that.

We helped elevate Aflac’s long-standing commitment to childhood cancer with the launch of their innovative cornerstone, My Special Aflac Duck® - an animatronic duck the company aims to donate to every child age three and older diagnosed with the disease. This social robot is making a direct impact on the lives of children with cancer by helping them cope with treatment through interactive technology, life-like movement and emotions, and becoming a comforting companion when kids need it most.

My Special Aflac Duck® won the CES Showstopper’s Innovation Award, Tech for a Better World Award and Best of CES Award.

And then it took home two Cannes Lions.

We helped CoverGirl build a bond with Gen Z where it mattered most. We launched the first ever Coverboy and saw the brand’s relevance skyrocket and sales lift as the campaign took off. We wish we could give you the exact sales figures. 

They’re amazing.

Linking a brand to an important cultural conversation increases credibility and relevance.

We saw that 90% of all marketing content is directed by men. That’s unfair to women. And it also contributes to their skewed portrayal in media. To affect real change, we asked 10 female creators to craft content representing what “Feminine by Design” means to them. 

The results: 55M organic social impressions, 36M organic video views and we increased brand relevance by over 20%.

When you ask people about the next great invention they’d love to see, they’ll say flying cars and teleportation microwaves. We elevated Merck’s corporate reputation with key audiences by reminding people medicines are the most important innovation of all. 

#BadHairDay had a messy problem. It was mentioned 17x more often than #GreatHairDay on Instagram. And we knew we had a cultural opportunity on our hands. We hosted a 2-week, real-time consumer intervention with custom-made content that flipped the conversation, grew Pantene’s social following and led to increased product trial.

MS Disease Education

While many have heard of multiple sclerosis (MS), they may not know that it is a chronic and often debilitating disease that impacts the central nervous system - which includes the spinal cord and brain. To help raise awareness, we launched a national initiative called the MS MindShift to educate about the critical role the brain plays in the disease, and what people living with MS can do to keep their brain as healthy as possible, for as long as possible. To bring this new perspective on MS closer to the community, we hosted engaging, educational events in various U.S. cities featuring a custom-built “Brain Bulb” hot air balloon as a way to literally elevate the importance of having a “brain first” perspective in MS.

An Inside Perspective on Psoriasis

Outward appearances can be deceiving, which is why going beneath the surface can give you an entirely new perspective on life. And that's true for psoriasis, a condition which appears on the surface of the skin but starts inside the body. To raise awareness, we launched the INSIDE PERSPECTIVE campaign which included engaging content where both a TV host and fashion journalist with psoriasis swapped worlds for a day with a fellow patient and fan. Through video, they shared their personal stories, educated about the condition and highlighted the importance of tackling treatment from within.

We worked with openly gay skier, Gus Kenworthy, and tapped his power of influence during the South Korea Winter Olympics to squash bias and promote diversity. The content series boosted the emotional bond with consumers who already loved Head & Shoulders. It also had the highest engagement among P&G brands during the Olympics (no easy feat) and increased positive consumer sentiment by over 7%.

The U.S. is the only high-income country where maternal mortality is on the rise. Few see it as a problem that happens here - only in low and middle-income nations. Our mission was to get people talking about it. So, we built the world's largest maternal health Facebook community where meaningful connections were made amongst mothers, maternal health champions and global leaders who support the #MomEffect and #EndMaternalMortality initiatives. In doing so, we increased the maternal health conversation by 14x!

MMC & Band-Aid harnessed the power of social purpose by tapping into the ever-inspiring actress and activist, Laverne Cox, and an additional 75 influencers to empower consumers to join the fight to end HIV/AIDS in our lifetime. They #Band(ed)Together and wore their (Band-Aid) RED bandages as a symbol of collective action for change. The results were impressive. 3.4MM+ organic social impressions helped raise funds to provide 60,000+ days of life-saving HIV medication.